Hi, I’m Derin. I write things.

Time to Orbit: Unknown

Time to Orbit: Unknown is a science fiction story set on the colony ship Courageous. When colonist Aspen Greaves wakes from chronostasis five years early on a damaged ship with no crew in sight, they must figure out precisely what went wrong and what to do to get their fellow colonists safely to their destination. This is no easy task — on a rundown spaceship, the slightest bit of bad luck can kill you… and whatever claimed the lives of the previous crew might still be out there. Time to Orbit: Unknown updates every Wednesday and Sunday, and you can read it here.

Curse Words: Spellcasting for Fun and Prophet

Curse Words is a mystery adventure set in a magical school, where Kayden, born to commonfolk and with a curse in his heart, must navigate the complicated world of mage politics to protect his friends, avoid a war, and save the world. You can read it here. Updates every Tuesday and Saturday.
Prefer to read offline? The first three Curse Words books are currently available as text documents and fan-made epubs (thank you Amanda Ramsay) on our Discord

Short Stories

A collection of random short stories I’ve written can be found here.

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